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VMware vSphere is designed for organizations that want to optimize server and other IT assets.  Multiple physical servers are consolidated onto a few servers running vSphere.  What were previously the physical servers, are now virtual servers that run with their own system resources and operating systems.

vSphere Benefits

  • Consolidate server hardware
  • Lower infrastructure costs, power utilization costs, and cooling costs
  • When adding an application, the purchase of a new server is not required
  • Supports all common operating systems
  • Optimize storage
  • Create highly available server systems
  • Monitor server resources and utilization

vSphere Applications

  • Run Windows systems and Linux systems on the same physical hardware
  • Consolidate light duty systems such DHCP servers, management servers, and web servers
  • Create an environment which systems act redundantly for mission critical applications such as middleware

AQW Provides

  • Full integration and migration of servers for your organization
  • VMware software install and setup integrated with AQW server solutions
  • User training
  • Continued network administration, service, and support